Advertising Tools

‘Adalysis Performance Analyzer’ checks your account for conversion rate, conversion value, CPA, ROAS. 20 tools show the changes in your account & what metrics caused the changes.
It won't make coffee. But it will manage your Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram accounts. Create ad campaigns for these platforms in one dashboard. ‘Ad Espresso’ also includes tools for keyword research.
Easy to learn with a simple interface. Focused on 3 areas: Improvement, Performance, Management. Provides analysis tools and ad testing. ‘Opteo’ focuses on automating Google Ads tasks.
‘WordStream Advisor’ integrates with Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram. Unique features include 9-step workflow, 20-minute work week, Performance Grader.

Find discussions about your brand. Spread the word about your product or service on social media and Web. ‘Awario’ helps you find customers who are looking for your product or service.
Follow up on comments and respond to customers. Track engagement: Likes, Shares, Comments. ‘Brand24’ helps protect your online reputation. It even tracks hashtags on social media.
Monitor your name or brand on social media, news, review websites, forums, blogs. ‘Mention’ provides reports allowing you to make changes to your marketing. The goal - amplify brand awareness.

Discover which ads, keywords, and campaigns bring valuable leads and conversions from phone calls. ‘CallRail’ integrates with numerous platforms, NOT just Google Ads.
The all-in-one call tracking and contact center solution. ‘CallTrackingMetrics’ tells you which of your campaigns are driving calls, texts, conversions, and form fills.

Stop bots and click farms from generating fake clicks on your ads. Did I mention competitors and crooks? ‘ClickCease’ provides analytics about the fraudulent clicks.
Stop bots and click farms from generating fake clicks on your ads. ‘ClickGuard’ provides fully automated protection rules and generates actionable reports.
Don't let bots and click farms waste your advertising budget. ‘PPC Protect’ stops the fake clicks. Fully automated with real-time monitoring. Plus you can add multiple users and domains.

Google's productivity apps that include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides. With ‘Google Workspace’ you can store, share, collaborate, and access all of the above tools.
‘Microsoft Teams’ is actually a collection of communication tools (chat, phone, video) integrated into one platform. If you already use other Microsoft products, this is a compelling option.
A collaboration tool for remote working teams. Works inside web browsers or Android & Apple app. ‘Slack’ provides an always-on digital workspace for teams to chat, exchange ideas, share files.

Discover the keywords your competition is using or the content they produce. See their ads including which ads generate the most impressions and clicks.
The best tool to discover what your competition is doing with Google Ads. And one of the few tools that gives you Google Display Network analysis. Get the inside scoop on any domain.
‘Spyfu’ does one thing very well: it tells you what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Similar to SEMrush for competitive analysis, but not so advanced and half the price.

TribeOS is on a mission to give advertisers a better display ad performance by ending ad fraud, serving ads only to an advertiser's ideal audience, and increasing the transparency of campaign performance.
Get a complete picture of the display advertising world. See which ads perform best. Find new traffic sources. Gain insights into competitor's advertising strategy.

Find business email addresses using websites or LinkedIn. Also has a companion Chrome extensions. Includes email verification plus you can send emails directly from the website.
Get the names and emails behind any website. Claims to be "the most powerful email-finding tool" because it also verifies every email. ‘Hunter’ includes a Chrome extension to make searching easier.
Like the other email tools above, ‘’ has a Chrome extension that lets you find someone's email address on any website. Domain email search, email verifier, email campaigns, email tracker.

Send cold emails that connect with your ideal prospects. Integrates with Google & Microsoft email. ‘Lemlist’ also includes a library of cold email templates, guides, and tutorials.
Put your cold email outreach on autopilot. Uses mail merge for personalization and automatic follow-ups. ‘Mailshake’ provides outstanding customer support if you need help.
Send emails that land in your prospects' inbox. That's because ‘QuickMail’ includes auto-warmer technology that improves deliverability. Also send from multiple inboxes for a single campaign.

The most popular tool for non-designers because it uses a powerful drag-and-drop editor with the largest template library. Create ads, logos, posts, websites, social media.
A simpler alternative to Canva (and a little cheaper). ‘Crello’ promotes itself as “the easiest online design tool”. Start with a template and then customize it using the drag-and-drop editor.
Best described as a hybrid between Canva & Crello. ‘Snappa’ has all the same functionality -- just a tad bit easier to use. However, the trade-off for this simplicity is far fewer options than Canva.
Quickly create Web and social media graphics. It's a tool for non-designers: Bloggers, Marketers, Business Owners. There's nothing to install. And like the 2 above, ‘Stencil’ uses drag-n-drop editing.
Superior JPG image compression without sacrificing picture quality. Use it on their website or install the WordPress plugin. The ‘Short Pixel’ plugin automatically shrinks your images as you upload them (GIF,JPG,PNG,PDF).

Strictly a WordPress plugin from the popular creators at WPMU DEV. ‘Smush-It’ compresses images (GIF,JPG,PNG) as you upload them to your WordPress Media Library -- without losing image quality.
Superior PNG image compression without sacrificing picture quality. Use it on their website or install the WordPress plugin. The ‘Tiny PNG’ plugin automatically shrinks images as you upload them (including JPG).

Discover the intent behind any search query. It converts keywords into questions to generate ideas. The keyword results are based on Google's auto-suggestions. TIP: you don't have to create an account to use it.
Uses Google autocomplete to generate keyword suggestions. Promoted as 'the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner'. You can also enter keywords that you want to track and see how they change over time.
Discover and prioritize the best keywords to target. You can even enter a page and it will display suggested keywords.
Type in your competitor's domain to see what keywords they rank for. 'Ubersuggest' displays keyword volume; keyword suggestions; top 100 results for the keyword; and how difficult it is to rank for the keyword.
Keyword & market research. Take competitors' keywords, PPC and SEO insights, plus data from Google and proprietary search technology.

Easy to use but versatile drag-and-drop page builder. Advanced features like message-matched landing pages for your remarketing campaigns, and personalized post-click automation.
More that just a landing page builder. You can also use it to create basic websites with opt-in boxes and alert bars.
Landing page builder similar to "Instapage". Advanced features include A/B testing, post-click analytics, visitor statistics.

Google Ads (and Bing) performance tool that focuses on optimizing your campaigns by performing 40+ automated checks. It also specializes in A-B testing your ads. ‘Adalysis’ is best suited for agencies.
This is your complete solution for Google Ads analysis, reporting, optimization with a powerful suite of a dozen tools. Track Quality Score, 1-click optimizations, insights. ‘Optmyzr’ is best for agencies.
If your goal is to raise the Quality Scores across your entire account to improve the performance of your ads, ‘Ten Scores’ is your tool. It also has a step-by-step performance guide to help you get there.

Uses a simple proposal editor, 160+ templates, and a content library. With ‘Better Proposals’ your clients can e-sign and pay using Stripe, PayPal, & others. It even includes live chat.
Build and send proposals quickly. And with notifications you see when clients open your proposals. ‘Nusii’ uses story-like templates where you describe who you are and why you're perfect for the job.
Create, track, and e-sign proposals and contracts. Use custom URLs and a rate library for pricing tables. ‘Quoters’ includes only the essential features so your time (and your clients) is not wasted.
The easiest of all: add your offer, generate a link, share it, chat with customer regarding the proposal, they accept it. Customers can pick-and-choose from multiple line items in your proposal.

Build interactive reports and dashboards by integrating data from other tools such as Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, CallRail, and others. With ‘Google Data Studio’ you can also embed the reports onto your website.
Easy to use, lots of templates, and plenty of integrations to keep you busy. Schedule reports to run automatically and emailed to clients. Or they can access reports on a custom subdomain.
Easily create Google Ads reports and send them to your clients. Choose the metrics you want to show and how often to generate the reports. With ‘SunnyReports’ you can also include notes and comments.
Google Data Studio on steroids. ‘Supermetrics’ has a reporting integration for every major marketing tool. It collects ALL your marketing data and brings it into a single platform.
Create reports for Google, Bing, Facebook, and numerous others. Set the metrics you want to track, then schedule reports to run every month, week, or day. Save as PDF or use link to access online.

Optimizes you product data feed and gives recommendations for improvements. Works with every major shopping cart and in numerous countries. Compatible with Google and other shopping channels.
If you need an ecommerce product feed solution that works with every online shopping channel then this is your tool.
How to get your product information into Google Merchant Center? Feedonomics does it for you with an easy to use interface.
Calls itself a “product feed optimization platform”. It promises to increase the performance of your data feed by making your product listing more clickable.

A browser extension that identifies website tracking tags. Use it on your competitors' websites to discover the marketing tools they use. ‘Ghostery’ also lets you DISABLE the trackers on untrusted websites.
Organize and implement your tracking tags under one platform: link clicks, downloads, videos watched, shopping cart abandonment. TIP: ‘Google Tag Manager’ does NOT require you to edit code on your website.
A Chrome extension that identifies errors for any Google tag on your website (Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, conversion tracking). ‘GTM’ verifies that your tags are installed correctly (...or NOT).

The best tool to manage and optimize your YouTube channel. All available via a web browser extension. The toolbox includes keyword research, video SEO, analytics, bulk processing of videos.
A professional video SEO software package that includes tools for video keyword research, analytics, optimization. What's the goal? To help you get more YouTube video views.

Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder that allows you to add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track your custom ad campaigns
Stop using spreadsheets to manage your UTM URLs. Build, share, and sync your UTMs with others. ‘UTM.IO’ is a team solution where you can create templates and synchronize your UTM URLs with others.

Online video creation tool for ads, products, promotional, social media, text-to-video. ‘InVideo’ provides templates for all occassions: birthday, promotional, wedding, real estate, slideshow, intros, outros, invitation.
A collection of 50+ free online video editing tools. If you need to do some minor tweaks, you will find every solution here: audio & video converting, watermarks, subtitles, resize, rotate, crop, remove background.
You don't have to be an expert to use this online video editor. And it lives all inside your web browser. But there's also an Android or Apple app and a chromebook extension.