About Rushe Brady

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Rushe Brady

Digital Marketing Expert for Crypto & Blockchain Companies.

I specialize in . . .

  • Google Ads Search and Display
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

All with one goal — to bring you nonstop customers.

What To Expect From Me

Killer headlines and compelling ads that people actually want to read, instead of boring words that cause them to click elsewhere.

Google, YouTube and social media ad campaigns that bring you customers and clients who happily give you their money.

Stand out in an overcrowded crypto industry where people are bombarded with “choose me instead” advertising from your competitors.

Solve the advertising and marketing problems that your previous Digital Marketing Specialist could not. Hint: it requires more than clicking on blue links.

Make a measureable difference in your business by delivering ONLY profitable results. If you can't see the difference, fire me.

The hard truth — if Google & YouTube Ads don't work, they can become expensive. But when they do, it's the best investment you can make.

Expertise at using the best advertising and marketing tools that enhance the Google, Microsoft, and social media ad platforms.

I'm accessible by phone, text message, live chat, and of course email. Plus any new clever technology the blockchain world might invent.

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