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Hi, Rushe Brady here.

If your company pertains to Crypto, Blockchain or DeFi you're in the right place.

That's because I'm the Founder & Editor of The CRYPTO CLUB Newsletter. And as the name implies, we specialize exclusively in the industry.

« Which means we have the advertising expertise to bring you new customers. »

But I'll admit. We have an unfair advantage.

That's because our 12,039 subscribers are ALREADY interested in "all things crypto", so your ad will be highly relevant to them.


Does this sound familiar?

“People see your online ad but they click elsewhere. Like channel surfing TV on a Friday night.”

Do you hear that water?
It's the toilet flushing your advertising money down the drain.

No worries.
I'm the guy crypto companies call when you need people to respond to your advertising & marketing.

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