Google, YouTube and
Social Media Advertising
for Crypto & Blockchain

Rushe Brady,
Digital Marketing Expert



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Hi, Rushe Brady here.

If your business pertains to crypto or blockchain technologies you're in the right place.

That's because I'm a Digital Marketing Expert who specializes in this industry.

I help get you more customers using . . .
Google Ads Search and Display,
YouTube Video Ads,
Social Media Marketing,

“all things Microsoft Advertising”.


Great. Let's continue . . .


Does this sound familiar?

— “People see your online ad but they click elsewhere. Like channel surfing TV on a Friday night.” —

Do you hear that water? It's the toilet flushing your crypto advertising money down the drain.

No worries.
I'm the guy they call when you need customers to respond to your Google, Microsoft, and social media ads.

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Search Ads

Paid search ads are the perfect tool to reach your customers at the exact moment they're ready to take action. Google and Bing search ads allow you to show at the top of the Search Results Page.

Display Ads

Image ads allow you to reach potential customers across the web – reaching over 3 billion different websites and mobile apps! Display ads allow you to reach a wide audience for a fraction of the cost.

Video Ads

Year over year, YouTube usage continues to grow. It's now the 2nd largest search engine. YouTube ads can help you build brand awareness, and certain ad types can end up costing you nothing.

Social Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn — countless ways to target different audiences and demographics for potential customers. Social ads can provide incredible visibility and high conversions at lower costs than search ads.

Native Ads

I create advanced marketing strategies to serve different ads to potential customers based on how they interacted with your site. There's no better way to gently nudge someone who showed interest into contacting you.

Microsoft Ads

Being number 2 isn't so bad. Especially when you see the cost difference between a “Bing Click” and a “Google Click”. Plus Microsoft Advertising has it all: location targeting, device targeting, audience targeting, remarketing, etc.

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